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I downloaded the IFDG a321-111 Swiss Air, with Ken mitchell's a320 series panel, but I seem to be having a problem with ATC. I tune in the ground frequency, and try to request IFR clearence, but everytime I press 2, (requests clearence), nothing happens. This was at Geneva's Intl airport. So I switched airports and went to DFW, and the same thing happened. I don't think that the problem is with the aircraft, because I downloaded the same aircraft in MEA livery, and that worked fine. I also don't think it's the panel, because I used the same panel in the MEA aircraft, however, I did download an afcad file for KDFW. Any ideas?

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Its me again - 😀

I fixed the ATC not working problem, but I came across another, (btw, the avionics switch was off, but in Ken mitchells panel, whether it's on or off, it looks the same, as in, the radio panel looked functional)..Anyways, now, everytime something is delivered to or from ATC, it's like two people are talking at the same time, and in the ATC message box, two sets of the same dialogue are shown. How can I fix this. Thanks


On the radio stack check if there is more than one frequency on.

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Did your problem get fixed?

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yes - thank you

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No problem

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