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hello guys!
i was wondering if you could post a link to a download a high quality package of a BAE 146, you know, with the sound, panel, and textures and stuff, and the reason i want it high quality, is cuz i have some bae-146 models, but the textures are not good and they are not high quality. so, if you guys come across or know of a bae-146 package as explained above, a link would be greatly apreciated.

thanks in advance,

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why does it show a refuelling truck and people? where can i get this download to show the truck and people

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Some addon airports have vehicles and "service armada" around the gates, but that looks like an addon specific to that plane (probably pops up when you throw a switch).

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Also turn your scenery slide in settings to 100%, all the way to the right, max it out.


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