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Just now I finished a flight from san francisco to Vegas in a 737 400 using fs passengers. I landed successfuly with 30 flaps and taxied to the gate. However, in the after-flight report I was told the flap setting I used for landing was incorrect. The plane had 105 passengers and about 10% fuel at landing. I think that gave the plane a weight of 115034 lbs. Anyone know what my flap setting should have been and how I was meant to work it out? Thanks

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

I always have problems with the flaps on FSPassengers. It might be 20 or 25 degrees flaps instead, but I'd always use 30 Dont Know

CVPAJW-2209 Guest

Flaps to full when landing! If thats 30 degrees then i have no idea!

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twistedsucker First Officer

I always use full flaps for any aircraft, but that's me!

Andy2005 Guest

I always have problems with the flaps on FSPassengers. It might be 20 or 25 degrees flaps instead, but I'd always use 30

Ye, me too! FSpassengers seems to be very fussy about flaps.
I suppose I could try with full but in the 737 flight notes its says 30 is normal and 40 is for short runways. The runway at Mccarren in vegas is not at all short. This hasn't happened before and I think I've flown 737s with fspassengers so I guess it may be something to do with weight?? Dont Know
Thanks for the replies

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Its a FSpassenger thing,you must use full flaps no matter where you are landing

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I allways do max flaps. In a 737 is that 40

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Zach (ranald) Captain

This FS passangers sounds good I might consider it Umm...

Andy2005 Guest

Hmm..Strange. I did another flight with fspassengers landing with flaps 30 and it was fine!!? 😕
Fspassengers is certainly very good if you can work out the tricks. It's the first time in a long time that I've been forced to fly well and it's made me better. I've only got the demo but may buy the proper version.


if the crosswind is strong, full flaps are not recommended......

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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

i use full no mader what plane its just me but i normally fly big 757`s and 767`s but then again i dont know

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Someone more experienced correct me, but you don't need full flaps to land (in large commercial jets at least). In the 737 for example flaps 30 is fine. Use 40 if you're coming in too fast. As someone noted, crosswinds and flaps don't mix (you'll drift way off). It's a little complicated, but hey! Worth it to know these things.

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