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Just to say Hi to all, It's great to be able to once again visit the site and participate in these great fun forums..

Has anyone noticed that when you initially fire up flight sim 2004 that there is not many airplanes actually flying. I'd say that around 85-90% of traffic is parked on bays (gates).

I have got both easyjet and ryanair traffic downloads for traffic tools etc and within the ryanair schedules you can see that the skies around stanstead get very busy with ryanair aicraft around 10pm universal time. I position my aircraft at stansted at this time but very little aircraft actually appear in the skies and approach the airport. I've tried this out with standard traffic and same also. Any ideas?

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Its been a long time since I flew with standard AI traffic,so im having a bit of a guess here.
With traffic addons,I use Traffic2004 it takes about 10/15 mins for all the traffic to get airbourne in whatever area you are flying.They all start on the ground and I think the std AI is the same
So try setting your flight about 10/15 mins earlier to give them chance to get aloft(or if you are in a rush press R and + to speed up the sim,but dont go higher than x4 as this resets the AI)

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When you launch the sim, then it becomes the start of the day. Wait 10 minutes and the world wakes up and becomes busy.
It's like the light in the refrigerator, are they flying when the sim is off. (nope)


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Start the sim press R then + twice and go and make a brew.

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alright guys,
I'll give that a try.

Thanks & regards

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