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Virgin Galactic

will ever see passenger flights into space?
as he says in the next 3 years
 0%  [ 0 ]
the next 10 years
 44%  [ 4 ]
the next 20 to 50 years
 55%  [ 5 ]
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 9
Pro Member Chief Captain
tomthetank Chief Captain

Yep you read it right, Virgin Galactic

Now I admire Richard Branson Embarassed sorry Sir Richard Branson on what he has achieved in his life,from nothing much to a muli millionare

But with space travel being a touch Ermm... dodgy,shall we say,do you think he/we will ever see passenger flights into space?

Pro Member Chief Captain
Liono Chief Captain

I would say yes, the way technology is going at the moment anything is possible. I voted 10 yrs but could be sooner. Just think NASA used 16-32bit Dont Know to but man on the moon (if it ever happened). Look at the technology we have today. 3.8Gig processer's and rising ever 6 months so anything is possible if Sir Richard Branson is envloed in.

Pro Member Chief Captain
RadarMan Chief Captain

3 years is too soon, less than 10 is very possible but I can't see a long trip. It'll be up and down.
It'll be a long time before they can stay in space (comfortably) for prolonged periods, the ship would have to be large or they would have to have a "hotel" in orbit.


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