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I followed your advice last night on both my versions of flight simulator (02, and 04) and using 2004, I was soon watching 4 ryanair 737-200 aircraft land at stanstead, holding up a queue of 737's and other stuff which were as follows:- 2x 737-800's, a yellow 737-300 an rj45 in yellow ryanair colours and a dehaviland dash 8.

the yellow 300 and the yellow rj45 were able to get away before the rest of the queue were held up once again, this time by an embraer 170, which is painted in the fictional eclipse airline colours, which i've designated to be my own fictional domestic and european airline, for which i have designed and participate in numerous routes for. Some of my other AI 170's fly other domestic routes that I have also designed and my two 140's fly to some european destinations which are also flown to by ryanair.

At some point soon I hope to design some more additional routes, covering belguim, germany, holland and eventually going as far north as Aarhus in denmark. I like to do short haul flights lasting aproximate 30 minutes, anything longer than this and I get bored.

I sometimes even fly the built in 737-400 for which I have downloaded paintschemes of some of the most popular airlines based in the uk, which are airfrance, british airways, klm, luftansa, and finally virgin atlantic.

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Where did you get the AI traffic from?

gazpode_l Guest

I got the traffic by downloading project AI and traffic tools which project ai needs to work. The i downloads the installer for ryanair, easyjet and british airways. I then run project ai which asks you to find the installer file. It then installs the traffic file for your chosen airline, usually locating it within the same folder where your traffic is normally installed.

You can choose a custom folder and then choose it in the library like I have done later but this is quite advanced. The liveries are downloadable from AVSIm i think...

best wishes

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George (OrlandoGeorge) First Officer

I have tried to do things like this in the past and have had success with downloading Proj. AI packaged routes but for whatever reason while the AI routes from Proj. AI are active my regular traffic is no longer present. Don't know why. Any passing ideas about this would be helpful and I would try them out to reconcile the two traffic programs.

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