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Hi, i am fairly new to flight simulator. I bought flight simulator 2000 for PC about 5 years ago, i entered the course into GPS (boeing 737) and it just takes me to the airport , but am not lined up on the runway at all? Can anyone help? I just ordered FS 2004 and a brill joystick cus i wanna give it another shot. Thanks ant

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Its to do with your NAV/GPS switch. If your autopilot is on with your NAV swich also on, it will follow whatever is in your GPS if the switch is set to GPS. Once your assigned a runway to land (assuming it has something called ILS - normally denoted by a little green flag on the GPS).

You should tune the radio in to the ILS frequency for that runway then change the NAV/GPS switch to GPS, that should get you in line with the runway. I know this isnt very detailed but there are already a lot of good posts on this if your willing to trawl through a few pages you'll more than likely find one.



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If you are setting it up in the GPS when you take off, the GPS will take you to the airport. You have to select an approach to a runway to get guidance.

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