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Multiplayer "Join game" problem

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Everytime I try to connect to a server, the game freezes. I enter my Player Name, then I add a valid IP address to a server. I then click Join, but then the game freezes. I left it for a good 3 minutes once and it came with a failed connection error. All the other times I've tried, it just freezes and doesn't have an error. Any suggestions or ways to fix this problem will be greatly appreciated.
P.S. I have the updated 9.1 version of FS 2004.


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I found the solution to your problem. Make sure you have the following ports enabled on your computer. I'm assuming you own a Windows XP and that your firewall is activated. Enable the following by going to the Control Panel > Network > Windows Firewall > Exceptions > Add Port:
Goodluck! And happy days. Cool

FS Pilot Guest

Wow, that did work. Thanks a bunch. I think I didn't have the Port 6073 enabled, so that kept me behind. Thank you!

crosscheck9 Guest

Just came across this post, and wanted to ask, what do you put in place of port name?

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terry756 Trainee

how do you add a port using ZoneAkarms firewall?

Thanks for any help


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sorry for not putting this in my first question. I have two computers one with Zone Alarms as a firewall and another with windows service pack2. I went to enable the ports you suggested on Zone Alarms and can't figure out how to enable ports that was my earlier question. I went to my computer with service pack2 have the following questions - when you try to enter 2302-2400, windows gives an error message of an invalid character. Should I just make a specific port opening one for each item you listed for example, 2303 & 2400 & 23456 & 6073? Also, as I am just starting to try online flying, why do you need all these ports to be open? Thanks for any help.


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