Wanted - Volunteers to model an entire town.

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I am looking to form a team of volunteers who are interested in modelling an entire town in Australia.

The town is called Ararat, and is located in Western Victoria, Australia.

Ideally, a group of approximately 10 volunteers who would like to:
1. Create a texture map for FS 2004/2 (Geographic map available)
2. Correctly place Roads on the texture map (Map available)
3. Correctly place 3D buildings on the texture map (External Photos available)
4. Correctly place rivers, streams, creeks, etc on the texture map
5. Create the Airport as per ERSA details (Provided)
6. Create the 3D buildings at the airport as per photos available
7. Place trees on the texture as per the geo density map
8. Place dynamic vehicles on the roads
9. Place dynamic people in the streets

The target resolution for this project is 1m

The aim is to create as accurate a representation of the town and airport as is possible.

The finished scenery add on will be made available free from flight sim web sites.

Please email me on if you are interested.

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