How well will it play?


Hi. Im thinking of buying 2004 some time soon having been a fan of 2000 a while ago. It seems to have some pretty impressive graphics, my question is, how good will they look on my current system:

CPU: 2.44GHz
RAM: 512MB
Graphics Card: nVidia GeForce MX 440SE 128MB

Thanks to anyone who can give me any info.


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liam (Liono) Chief Captain

It would be ok on them specs. you won't be able to have the settings maxed out. You might won't to consider upgrading your ram buy at least another 512mb. Have a look at this site about upgrading your ram ➡


Hope this helps Rob


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WarHawk42 Captain

You should be OK with the CPU and the memory. I'm not familiar with your video card.

I am running an Anthlon 1600XP+ CPU and 640 Meg of ram and I can turn the display all the way up with the exception of water and clouds and get satisfactory frame rates.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I agree with them upping the ram as much as possible. That's a fairly old card for a 2.44GHz machine. It'll work ok but later one you should think about upgrading it also, you'll get better graphics and FPS.



Thanks for your help. I bought the game today and Im pretty impressed. The graphics are very good, frame rate is holding up quite well. Clouds are a nightmare though. I think my card isn't quite good enough to deal with them.

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