I had a flight in a real Cessna.

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In fact, Bartholomew, that is I, is still in shock!

I had a flight in a Cessna 172 Skyhawk (a real one) for the first time in my life. I've travelled in jets before like you all must have, but this is a totally different experience, and plus, I've flown it for a year in the FS2004, meaning I was able to recognize every single guage!

I sat in the pilot's seat (not co-pilot's), with an instructor beside, and guess what ... I got to taxi myslef!!! It's quite harder to push the pedales that to twist to joystick, so it feels more stable than in FS. After rotation at 55 knots, and a 500fpm climb to 1000 feet, I got to turn, climb and descent!!! And that was bloody brilliant!!! And then the instructor cut off the power to show me what happens, and trust me... it feels like all your insides are back-flipping once it starts descending like that! And not to mention steep turns! He showed me two of those: you think you get numb, and then your stomach goes wild again! It's awesome!!! I never thought you could feel steep turns like that. And he said you must always coordinate the turn by pushing the appropriate rudder pedals.

And just when I thought the best part was over ... here comes the landing! And even better ... a crosswind landing!!! We did a wing-low approach at exactly 75 knonts, and then flared after reducing the power to idle. I have litterally NEVER been able to do such a smooth touchdown in FS! After the landing, he let me taxi back!

It's too late now,
but next year, I am going to do 15 hours of flight (pay 2000 Euros), and get my own licence! I suppose it's only VFR, and IFR comes later, as far as I understood. It's not cheap, but it's worth the money!

However, I was so amazed, that I decided to do my very first lesson these days, and I'll be glad to share it with you when it happens.


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Congratulations, my first flight was in a Cessna to, but that was many years ago and it was a Cessna 140. For me there is nothing that beats flying in light aircraft, you can keep the jets and commercial flights.

For some real fun try an open cockpit biplane.🙂 I have been up in a 1927 New Standard bipe and that was a blast.

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I had my first lesson at the begining of June. It was a blast. When we were landing the wheels toutched the runway at approximatly 40 kts. the stall horns were blazing. It was an awesome experience. but come spring time once I save up money and have away from school, football, and track I will go for more.

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