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Can you guys tell me how to do a decent landing without using ILS just visual?
I try loads and 60% of the time they are good but others either miss the runway or go off it after touch down.

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Andy2005 Guest

It's extremely inportant to check the landing speed of the plane you are flying before landing. Before you start your final apprroach you need to slow down to this speed by using flaps. Don't just put them all down at once. Check your kneeboard and lower an extra notch of flaps each time you reach the indicated speeds.
When you turn onto the final approach lower the landing gear and arm the spoilers (shift+/). From that point I just focus and stare at the threshold of the runway. I concentrate as hard as I can while adjusting the throttle to maintain the correct speed. Some people say speed should be controlled with a pitch and decent rate with throttle but I prefer it the other way round. As you cross the threshold slowly ruduce the power. Make a flare by changing a viewpoint to somewhere near the end of the runway. Assuming you're not flying a taildragger, slowly lower the front wheels once the back wheels have touched down and apply brakes and apply reverse thrust by pressing f2. Don't apply brakes before the front wheel is down because this can cause the front wheel to hit the ground too hard. When your plane has slowed to 60kts stop the reverse thrust by pressing f1 or nudge your throttle a little.

Sorry if some of this is too simple and a bit patronising for you or a bit too confusing. Just ask if there's anything you want explaining. Some of the members here will probably help you out. Anyone feel free to correct me or add anyting I've missed.

I think the real key to making a good landing is speed and concentration on the runway.
Andy 😀

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Kurt Stevens (KurtPStevens) First Officer

There are three simple rules for making a smooth landing.

 Your probability of a safe landing is inversely proportional to your angle of arrival.
 Never let the plane go somewhere your mind didn't go 5mins before.
 Gravity in not just a good idea, it is the law.

Practice, practice, then practice some more.

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