Dual Monitor Display problems

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I bought a Nvidia 6200 OC graphics card. I have been using with just my Dell LCD monitor, then I remembered I had my old Gateway CRT monitor and decided to hook it up.

I can get both Monitors to work as a single display, but when I go to a dual display I develope a problem with the monitor connected to my DVI port. The problem is a garbeled band about 4 inches wide that goes across the screen when I'm in windows. I have tried switching which monitor is in the DVI port to see if it was related back to the monitor. It follows which monitor is the DVI Port. I get the problem only when windows loads up. Booting both monitors work as clones and the image is clear. Any ideas what could be causing it? It seems software realated, but that's just a guess.

Thanks for any help you can give.

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Go into CONTROL PANEL > DISPLAY and ensure the following:-

-Both monitors (1 and 2) are active.

- Both are set at the correct screen resolution (they will probs need to be on different screen rez's).

These settings were wrong when I first set up multi-monitor, so I corrected them and all was fine.

Other than that it may be to do with one being a CRT as I never had that challenge; both were TFTs.

Good luck !

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thank you .

BTW, I love you set up that is sweet.

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