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hey, i was just wondering how long it takes till ur account gets activated from the time u set it up?
i payed and recieved an email saying "Your Application is being processed" as well as

"Before your account can be activated, you need to make a payment. If you have already made a payment, please ignore this e-mail - your account will be created soon. Please use the link below if you have not yet made a payment:"

anyone have an estimate on how long this will take? thanx..

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liam (Liono) Chief Captain

It should be instant (in my case it was). Check your inbox, Spam & Junk folder as sometimes it be recieved in there. If no luck in a few days email

Email them and check in all your folders.


?? Guest

thanx man 😉

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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

for me it was three long gruling days

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WarHawk42 Captain

It seems to very, I got activated right away but I know others have had to wait a few days. I guess only the site owners could give a definite answer.

What I do know is the site was well worth it to me.

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SoCalRick First Officer

Welcome aboard ?? - couple days average, sometimes less. It's hand-processed unfortunately so it means waiting for the admin to login and do his part. 🙄

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i c 😎
so far this site is pretty cool 😛

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ger_01 Trainee

my account got activated 😀 thanx guys
cant wait to use this site

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