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So many of you love to fly and you think flight sim is the only way to do it for you. Many of you could just go down to your local airport and get an hour of flight in a small aircraft for about 100-150 bucks. and some places even have entro flights that cost way less... and your at the controlls for almost the whole time. If you love flight sim, you should try it. just be carefull because you will get hooked!!!!

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I would also recommend a demo flight at your local airport. I would suggest that there are many of us who fly the simulator are also real pilots (I have my commercial SEL/MEL and instrument rating). I find the sim is very useful for reviewing procedures and exploring things that cost a lot of money in a real aircraft. I fly the FSD Navajo most of the time and it has been very helpful as I am in the process of buying a 73 P-Navajo. Also, I have enjoyed the built in flying lessons and will incorporate some of Rods' approach to teaching as my next near term goal is my CFII/ME. I plan to use FS9 as a key element of my ground school.

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R U serious? Flying a plane is sooo dangerous... 😳

I'm a chicken, so to avoid learning the hard way, or buying someone else's farm, I fly a computer. Most people know intuitively whether they have the "right stuff", and they make good pilots.

Have you seen the FAA stats for light aircraft lately?

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