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As some of you know, I was having trouble taxiing the 767-200 Continental from Posky, so I downloaded the same aircraft from IFDG, and it works completely fine, except for one minor detail. The problem however, comes from my piloting technique, and not the aircraft itself, (I assume). I planned a route from Honlulu to Los Angeles in this aircraft. I found that it takes this plane a long time to get to Vr, so I had to extend my flaps a little more, to be able to rotate earlier, for the runway at PHNL wasn't long enough for an Economic departure. Upon takeoff, I had to pull up to about 15 degrees, but I wasn't bleeding airspeed. When I got to about 200 kts, I felt safe enough to raise the nose a little more without the risk of a stall, so I raised to 20 degrees, to clear the mountains right in front of me. I kept getting GPWS warnings saying "pull up", so I tried to get the highest climb rate possible. When I cleared the mountains, I engaged the autopilot to climb to the required flight level. I still hadn't engaged the autothrottle. (Be aware that up until now, the aircraft was at about 96% N1). The airspeed slowly began to pick up, so at about 230 kts, I engaged the autopilot, to resume to 250 kts, however, this is where I encountered my problem. The airplane began to lose airspeed quickly, so without hesitation, I disengage the autopilot, and began to push on the throttle. Still, the plane kept losing airspeed, so I maxed out the thrust - Still no luck. In an attempt to pick up some airpseed, I lowered my climb rate from 2200 fpm, to 1800 fpm. I didn't want to reduce any more, because that would become a very unrealistic climb, (as far as I know). Everytime I'd recover from my stall, it would give me problems again. Afterwards, I got fed-up. I checked my .cfg file, and found that the Static thrust was set correctly. Does anyone know what might have gone wrong. I'm sorry for this lenghty post, but I wanted you to see everything that happened, in order to diagnose a solution. Happy flying.

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There is something in the .cfg that you can change to boost thrust a little bit if you feel like it's not exact. The weight of the aircraft could be calculated a bit wrong too, so to fix that, just edit this line.

thrust_scalar = 1.0

you can change the number there, it's a multiple, so i wouldnt change it much over 1.5.

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Thanks FEM - I altered the .cfg, but I can't fly right now. However, I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again

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