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hi there.

I just bought the game on friday, and spent most of the weekend playing it ( much to the anger of Mrs BeerMonster) and am enjoying it immensely. i'm actually understanding the VOR and ILS proceedures, much to my suprise, but i have a problem.

when i come to do the private pilot checkride, i take off and climb at 500fpm to 2000ft, i level off and increase speed to 100, but before i can do that the examiner broad tells me my bank was too steep or shallow, and i failed the checkride.But i haven't made a turn yet, there was no mention of a turn. Am i doing something wrong??........should i know what heading i should be turning to, and have made it before i increase speed to 100 ,which to me makes no sense at all.

like i said, i'm loving the game, but i want to hunt the examiner chick down and go postal on her.........

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i want to hunt the examiner chick down and go postal on her

No need to do that The lessons in the sim are sometimes inaccurate, and can pose frustrating problems. I don't know why this happens, but up until now, I haven't been able to receive my ATP, despite the fact that I'm doing everything right. Just keep practicing out of the lessons if you wish,

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Sorry about that - If you wish, ask anything you want here. There are many veterans more than willing to help you, and I will do what I can as well. Hope that helps.

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Check here:

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I can't help with that specific problem, but here's a couple of tips for the checkrides:

If you see a warning message in yellow font on your screen, you've already failed. If it says, "You're too far left" or something like that in yellow, you're already toast.

The examiner won't tell you that you've failed until specific points in the flight; just because she fails you when you're making a turn doesn't mean THAT turn is what failed you; it could have been a turn 10 miles back.

Have you carefully read through the briefing before the checkride? Those are usually pretty helpful; I usually printed them out to have handy during the ride. You can use them to practice the flight without the lady nagging at you, and keep going even if you screw up. And you can pause the flight during a checkride, to read ahead.

Good luck.


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Im pretty new to this but i find the lessons and checkrides pretty frustrating.

I might be doing something wrong but could someone tell me how i can reduce my speed without getting failed.

If you pitch up to reduce speed you end up at a higher altitude and therefore fail.

If you reduce power you fail.

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to slow down without gaining or losing altitude, you need to do both at the same time-- bring the nose up, and reduce power. Bringing the nose up will increase the lift so you maintain altitude while slowing down.

It takes practice, but it can be done.


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