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I would very much like to see the space shuttle added to the the next edition of Flight Simulator. I have been flying real airplanes for more than 35 years and I still get a thrill out of Flight Simulator. I fly with my sons and nephew. If such a product had been possible when I was a big eyed boy looking up at the B-36 and F-86, I would never have made it to the dinner table, no less complete my homework.

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This is the final release of the download of the space shuttle.


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for fear of mentioning the opposition, go to and look in the downloads for fS2004 and you will find "nicks shuttle challenge", fantastic......very accurate flight model.used real NASA shuttle dat, and the adventure starts with you just dropping in 80,000 at a AOT of 45 degrees. Must read the manual first though. The file may also be here on Avsim. Do a search on Nicks shuttle challenge. big file though, nearly 30 meg.
Make sure you get the final edition, filename is thye earlier v1.2
It'll be sure to test you. I haven't been sucessfull yet.

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