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Can someone please explain to me (or direct me to a previous post) about how to use VOR navigation. No matter how many times i read the text in the flying lessons, i can never understand exactly what to do, and its really starting to frustrate me not knowing Mad Mad I know very basic stuff such as they are used as checkpoints, but my understanding really does not go beyond that.

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Try this website :

If that doesn't help, come back and we'll see what we can do 😉

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That is a realy good site to learn some basic chart reading and navigation.

If you learn from doing than reading here's a little lesson that helped me.

Set the VOR freq. on nav1, turn the omnibus dial (the knob on the VOR gauge in a 172) till the needle is straight down and the direction arrow is pointing up. Make you heading the same as what is on the VOR gauge. Keep the needle straight. If it moves right correct to the right until the needle starts to move back to center. When it move go back to your heading that you have on the VOR gauge. Same way if the needle goes to the left. You are now flying toward the VOR station. The practice using presetting the Omnibus and intercepting the beam to center the needle.

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that link is quite helpful. thanks

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