Glider flying

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Does any one know how to get the glider in the air as i am having problems doing so thank 😳

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Yup....Sure do....Go into the kneeboard,,,I think...Or it may be in the facts page...But it will tell you whick keyboard to push to launch it...It launches straight up....You release at the altitude you want to soar from....If you can't find it,,repost and I;ll hunt it for you......See Ya......

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Try Slew mode - Press Y and then F4 to go up and F2 to stop. When you are ready, press Y again.

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ya thanks harley man. I tried the slew mode but it felt a bit urealistic thanks anyway it's nice to know people listen 😂


Not a problem....

Nothing I hate worst than being ignored.........

I'm just learning this game....And having a blast....

This site has been real helpful....

Three cheers and a six-pack for Flyaway for a great job here.......(tilts one to you)

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To tell you the truth I've been wondering for a while how to fly the gliders and I couldn't find directions anywhere. Thanks for asking and thanks for telling. I tried it and it's...different, it worked quite well.

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I am a student pilot rated in gliders and I like the feeling of rising air pushing the ship up @ say 1000 fpm. In fs2004 I have not been able to find the working elevator trim in the 2-32 so yanking back on the stick for the whole flight gets old real fast. I also tryed slope flying at torrey pines CA. but it was also a big let down the size of the hill was not even close to the actual and even with the summer with extra wind there was virtually no lift to sustain the sleigh rides. 🙄 On final approch you'll need the spoilers to bring her down without overshooting and landing. Too bad there isn't a tow plane, microsoft sure cut the corners with there unrealistic launch method in an elevator. Mcfinni flyaway answered your question Y & F4.

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