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ILS Approach Guide/Tutorial

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Pro Member Chief Captain
VegasFlyer Chief Captain

Superb tutorial Jon!!! Very Happy

Pro Member Trainee
glen4cindy Trainee

This is an awesome tutorial!

New at FSX Guest

I just start played FSX and I have see alot of tutorial.

This tutorial is the greatest, you should make some youtube video and it will be 5 stars. I give you 4 stars and half loll

Good job thats amazing!

igorbia Guest

Do all airports in FS2004 have landing guidance? If yes, - how to turn this function on; is this signal related to radio deck?
Why I ask, is because at some time same airports show landing guidance on the panel, at some not, whereas many major airports don't have precision landing guidance at all.
And, another question,- is there a way to determine which runway emits landing signal, other than changing runways on startup?
... and ... another one:
Is it only one runway in a multi-runway airport that produces landing signal, or all of them do? If all, how to turn this function on, and, how to handle such multiplicity on approach.

John Greenall Guest

Thank you for some advice on landing, I have the habit of dialling in the runway heading on the HSI (like runway 29 heading of 288) and at an altitude of 20,000 feet start a descent to 3,000 feet at 2,500 FPM at around 250 KEAS.

At around 25-30 NM from airport at around 10,000 I do a 180 degree turn and then start a descent to 3,000 feet.

It's not perfect but I will practice your tips later.

Some people may have confusion over the headings for runways and ILS, sometimes they can be very different like the one at Bodo (ENBO) that's one crooked ILS.

Looking forward to practising.

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