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What kind of computer do you think he had - Absolutely outstanding.

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Zach (ranald) Captain

Yes he always makes amazing sreenshots he as great at editing like you can see in a few of those

Nero89 Guest

If u want to see great screenshots, u should go and check out the editing competition on I especially like the F-16 pic.

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michlin First Officer

While the images do look very good, I thought the a/c looked plastic. And I noticed in a few images there is little depth of field; blurriness in the near background. To me this indicates that some graphic editing effects were made. These images are not clean screen captures. Still... quite nice.

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Zach (ranald) Captain

they are edited

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Micah Captain

i have to be honest and say that screenshots are meant to be just that, a shot of what is actually on the screen while flying.
Everyone wants to see what your flight really looks like, not some edited pic that you could get anywhere.

off soapbox now

micah 😉

Nero89 Guest

Having just normal screenshots completely defeats the purpose of an editing competition, obviously!!!!

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Zach (ranald) Captain

I dont no how to do edits myself but I think edits as good as those are great becouse it can take a lot of time to get them just perfect I love the heat blur 👏

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Camokozzy Trainee

very nice screenshots, seen some that are outstanding pictures some very good edits 😂


I agree partly with MICAH - if the authors make it plain that editing has been carried out then well and good.
An unedited screenshot indicates the authors skill or good fortune in getting the shot at the right place with the right background.
An edited screenshot in which backgrounds, foregrounds, other a/c and effects are inserted, indicates his skill in editiing the screenshot and the quality of his photo editor.
One is fortunate to even have one of these skills or even the good fortune.

All of the images shown at reference are very good but hardly come under the meaning of screenshot. Often, so much editing is carried that it is difficult to assess what the true screenshot would actually look like. Would dearly like to see a 'before' and 'after' image. All depends what you are trying to achieve.

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