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Helicopter or RTC?

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Can a helicopter lisence also be referred to as a Rotercraft lisence, or RTC? Which one is correct?

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Advanced Certifications

Although "single-engine land" is the most common rating on a pilot's license, private (or commercial) stand alone licenses may be issued for the following aircraft categories:

* Glider Allows a person to fly glider aircraft. (This may be a standalone license.)
* Rotorcraft Specified for helicopter or gyrocopter for this type of aircraft.
* Powered Lift For specialized vertical takeoff aircraft.
* Balloon and Airship (see Balloon (aircraft) and airship) for these lighter-than-air vehicles.

After obtaining a Private Pilot Certification a pilot can pursue these advanced certifications:

* Multiengine a class rating to fly airplanes with more than one engine.
* Sea a class rating added to Single or Multiengine Land to fly seaplane type aircraft.
* Instrument (airplane or helicopter) certification allows a pilot to operate an aircraft on instruments without visual reference to the ground.

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Ok, thanks.

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