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i was deleting stuff in my fs folder and i think i deleted a .dll on accident. does any one know how do fix this or where to get the file, and i looked for that file and couldn't find it 😕

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There is a way you can get it back. Pop in one of the FS Cd's, and go to search. Type in "gps_export.DLL", and search for it in the drive that you put the CD in. If it says it didn't find it, pop in CD 2, 3, 4. Your bound to fnd it. I hope that helps.

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can somebody tell me where to download it or send it to me on aim?

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See if this helps.

To install the default gps_export.dll file:

Insert the "Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight" CD-ROM number 2 in your CD-ROM drive.
Click the Windows Start button and choose "My Computer."
Highlight and right-click the icon for the CD-ROM drive containing the number 2 CD-ROM. From the right-click menu, choose Open.
Select MSGAME3.CAB and open it using Windows Explorer.
Copy the affected .dll (for example gps_export.dll to the Modules subdirectory of your Flight Simulator installation directory. (For example, C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Modules.)
Remove the CD-ROM from the drive and restart the Update setup.


crosscheck9 Guest

If you I were you, I'd take radarman's advice, however, you want an alternative, you can post your e-mail address, and I'll send it to you, or send me an e-mail at "" and I'll reply with the attached file.

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i sent you an eamil crosscheck9

crosscheck9 Guest

It's zipped and on it's way to your mail. Hope that helped Atreyu.

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