Can anyone explain what VATSIM is?


Can someone here explain what VATSIM is?
Thank you

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No one can explain it better than the VATSIM people themselves:

Happy reading 🙂

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For the intimidated though (and vatsim is VERY intimidating to start =):

VATSIM is virtual air traffic control simulation. Just as people give up their free time to fly FS, some people give up their time to run ATC. They have people of various rankings and stages in their trainning supplying Clearance Delivery, Ground, Tower, Departure, Approach, and Center.

Check out who's on line using this simple program:

There you see all the centers/approaches etc logged on all over the world at the time, as well as the pilots with all of their info. (Be advised though, there are peak times, so if you were to look at a USA map now, and then again between 8pm and 12am, you'd see a VAST difference in the number of people on line).

It is a FAR more realistic way of flying, as there are now well trained people guiding you in, as opposed to a defualt computer's best guess at getting you down. You can use full voice or text communication, and it certainly gives a very enjoyable (and sometimes intensely real atmosphere!)

A must if you plan on flying though is to take their on-line pilot training course. It's quite a bit of reading, but you could knock it off in a couple of evenings. You'll find yourself flying differently, even when you're connected to the server with no one else around. I went from just simply relying on an FMC or GPS now to using full charts (SID, STAR, Approach, Taxi, etc).

If you ever plan on flying, drop me a PM or look for my callsigns on ServInfo : AMT1470, or UAL2203. Those I fly for my virtual airlines. I'd be glad to help you get oriented.

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