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Lately, the Sim has been giving me too many problems that I cannot solve. It's driving my crazy. Just now, I tried to take the Cessna Skyhawk out for a spin. I departed, trimmed for a 500fpm climb, but then, all of a sudden, it just darted upwards aiming straight for the sky. On it's own, it then started to slowly nose back down again, but instead of returning to the 500 foot, climb, it started descending rapidly. I tried the cessna skylane, and found it gave me the same problem. Please help. The sim is really getting on my nerves. However, I should have these problems solved soon. Tommorow, I begin a 24 hour journey going DFW>Houston>Paris>Beirut>Dammam - So when I'm back home, I'll be able to use the sim over there. Thanks for all of your help.


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I had a similar problem with my airplane wanting to turn hard right at odd times. It turned out to be an interaction between my joystick and an intermittant +5 volts from the power supply. The company that made my computer, Medion, sent me a whole new computer (tower) on exchange - no charge. The problem hasn't re-occurred.


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