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Hi all, I use FS2002 soley for "ai spotting" and was just wondering if there is a way to assign the natural "spot view" sounds (which are a lot louder), in the "virtual cockpit" view?

I use the VC view with no panel as it gives a lot better control on views, but the outside sounds of course arn't as loud, as you are supposed to be sitting in a cosey cockpit

I am using an Airport Bus (aliased to the C182 sound.cfg) as my spotters platform. It would be nice to be in the "virtual cockpit" view, but have the louder sounds from the "spot view"

Cheers Chris

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I don't have 2002, but can't you turn the sound up in settings.



Thx for the reply RadarMan. i have already tried that, but no good. You need to tell FS to play the louder spot sounds instead of the VC sounds when in the VC view. I suspect that the C182 sound.cfg may have to be edited, possibly the "viewpoint" parameter, but not sure.

I had a friend at another FSBoard play around with the C182 sound file, but was still unsuccessful Sad Cheers Chris

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