Any "Radar Contact" users ?

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I've edited this post - it was originally asking if anyone had bought "Radar Contact V3" add-on from as I had an issue with a delay in getting the key to be able to use the software.

Anyway that issue is resolved now and I just wanted to say how fantastic this ad-on is ..... it really takes ATC to a new level within the Sim and gets rid of loads of frustrating things with the standard FS ATC.

You can fly SIDS and STARS, you can change you route during your flight, fly direct to wayponits, request any runway you want (for take-off and landing) and request Intrument, Visual or IAP approaches.

Really superb. Was quite a bit of hassle to get working as the CD they send you does not work unless you download 3 other files from the Internet (!), however the web-site gives links to these other files so once you know whats going on, it's easily rectified.

Prior to getting this, I had gotten to the stage where I didn;t use FS ATC anymore as I found it too inflexible but I can safely say that I would never fly IFR again without using Radar Contact ..... 😀

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