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I would like to use MSFS2K4 as an "out-the-window" display for a simulation I'm constructing. In this project, the FS would simply be a display for data that I throw at it. Effectively, I want to create a script of a fixed number of aircraft flying a very fixed pattern.

As an example, let's assume I have 3 aircraft. All three take off from different airports. Each aircraft flies to a point within visual range of every other aircraft, flies a specific track around a point for a time and then returns to its point of origin.

What I don't want to do is run 3 different instances of the FS and manually fly each aircraft. Is there a way to create a "script" of this action and feed it into MSFS2K4?

I've been investigating the various methods of interfacing with the FS (netpipes, widefs, fsuipc, etc..) and they all form the communications level that is needed to actually transport the data. I examined the data provided by netpipes to describe the format of the flight recorder data as it is saved to disk. However, that would appear to enable playing back the data of a single aircraft. How would you go about submitting 3 or more aircraft at a time?

-- Patrick

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