What is FS 2 Crew?

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Hi, i have seen this mentioned in a few topics but dont know what sort of add-on it is? Can someone please tell me?

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here you go

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Thanks for that info Ranald- helps with my previous post on cockpit workload where a reply did mention FS2crew

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

FS2Crew essentially means you're no longer flying alone, or by the seat of your pants. You now have a co-pilot with you doing all the functions he should. The checklists are intimidating at first, but it really makes flying the PMDG 737 so much more enjoyable, because you no longer have to worry about so many of the tasks involved in flying it!

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Michael_H First Officer

I'm thinking of getting it too, just wondering if anyone else has anything to say about it..
Does it eat frames at all? Unsure

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Pro-Sim First Officer

I own the version for the PMDG 737NG and used to love it, although I don't fly that plane any more so don't get to use it.

First thing to say (in case it's not clear from above), this is NOT an add-on that you can use with any plane that you choose.

Instead there are specific 'versions' of FS2Crew for the following aircraft;

- Version for PMDG 737NG
- Version for FS2004 default 737-400
- Version for Cessna 172 (default and Flight 1)
- Verson for Flight 1 ATR-72 (about to be released).....

FS2Crew is fantastic but it's only recommended (by the developer) for those with quite an advanced outlook on Flight Simulation.... It is quite difficult to learn at first and there are is a lot of interaction with complex aircraft systems.... but if you know your APU from your Anti-Ice, you'd be fine with it.

Can't wait for the ATR-72 version to be released in the next couple of weeks, as I love that plane!

(Then they're developing a version for the Level D 767... !!).


crosscheck9 Guest

Thanks for all of your replies. I don't think I'll be getting FS2 Crew - I tend to fly different aircrafts at different times, so I won't be utilizing it as much as I should.

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

It's a good idea to wait if you are planning on flying a lot of misc. aircaft like you say Crosscheck. It got the most use back when i was still primarily a 737 pilot for UVA, but now that I've moved on it only ever gets touched for VATSIM flyins, and I usually find that it's slightly too time consuming to fly with both, especially under extremely heavy ATC traffic.

(By the way ProSim, thanks to PMDG's decision to use this weekend's proceeds for relief efforts, i'm now a proud 747 owner!)

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Michael_H First Officer

Thanks Pro-Sim,

I was planning on getting it for the 737 ng...I am familiar with the systems in this aiplane and fly it most of the time..

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Pro-Sim First Officer

Congrats on getting the "Queen" John - Is everything running ok for you ?

I have the PMDG 747 running faultlessly now (after a lot of tweaking!) so I'd be happy to help if I can, if you get any gremlins.

First thing I would personally recommend would be to go to :-


....and reduce the wind noise from 15000 to 10500.

(Once you're in the sound.cfg file, scroll down until you come to "[WIND_NOISE]" and change the "Maximum Volume" setting from 15000 to 10500.

It keeps te great Wind effect, but makes it more sensible, so you can hear ATC !

Fantastic Plane, I fly little else at the moment !

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