Odd panel light issue...

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I've noticed an awkward problem regarding panel lights in the virtual cockpits of some of the default aircraft in the game. At night/in the evening/in the early morning, or whenever I need panel lights, I go to switch them on and, after coming on for about a second, they switch off and the lights in the cabin come on (I can tell this by using an outside camera view...and cabin lights are obviously of little use to me). I've noticed this in the DC-3, as well as the Lear Jet. I repeatedly hit the panel light switch, and it repeatedly brings the lights in the flight deck on for just a moment, and then they go off.

Am I missing something here? Has anyone else noticed this? Any advice would be appreciated.

*note: the same doesn't apply in these aircraft for the normal 2D panels (the panel lights come on and stay on, and appear to be on even when the VC lights are off)

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