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eventually I got a CH yoke

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nottobe Captain

after a long search for a most workable controller.....
my Sidewinder broke down 2 weeks ago, then i got a logitech
force feedback pro....i got so upset about the handling, so decided
to find the ultimate solution: returned the joystick, got a yoke,
its truly a whole new experience with this yoke, i dont know why I
didnt go for it in the first place.... 😀

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Micah Captain

it is the only way forward, yokes are amazing, just take up a bit more room but fantastic flight experience!!

Well done mate!

Micah 😉

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jelami First Officer

You will be very happy, it's the only way to go

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amermel First Officer

very good. i have had a ch yoke with throttle, prop, and mixture control and flap and gear control, with trim for about a year now and I love it nothing else is as good.

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WarHawk42 Captain

Good choice, I think they are the most realistic for most of the planes in FS9. It's been my experience they are easier to use than a stick too. There is just something about the yoke that is more natural to me.

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