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Before we had Airbuses and Boeings -

- both from Wings of Power

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Beautiful shots of awesome planes! Yes

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

SoCalRick wrote:

Beautiful shots of awesome planes! Yes

I agree, excellent aircraft 😉

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WarHawk42 Captain

The B-17 was my favorite of the heavy bombers of WW2. There is a B-24 that was restored and fly's to different air shows, it has a sign in the front which says it all. "Jets are for kids".🙂


the picture on top is a B-29. guess what the *B* stands for 🙄


I am quite well aware that the 'B' stands for Boeing and do not need to consult any documentation for the information, having witnessed at first hand these aircraft taking off from an airfield in UK on night bombing raids over Germany in WWII.
The comparison was to Airbus and Boeing jetliners.
I was a regular poster on this site up to 3 or 4 months ago, particularly on repaint problems, but gave up when, alas, the site became infested with anonymous guests or members, who criticised contributors efforts because of some slight error or anomaly and who often insisted in 'pointing out the obvious' - it seemsed to have very much improved over the last few weeks and I became posting to some people who were having difficulty with textures, to offer the required help. It would seem that there is still a residue of the anonymous brigade in existance as your facetious post indicates - so what do I do now - go to a site where it doesn't happen - goodbye.

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You could also have choose to remain and help all of us clean-up that mess if you think that it was so much that persuade you to leave.But the choise is yours and it is respectful.

And i must add that we must not so tough with some guys which have the kidness to share with us their thoughts ,their screensoots or anything else and fall down to some mistakes that arent in purpose.

Are you perfect???


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