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I have heard people talk about added sounds to jetliners that have the "glidescope" warning and decending altitude called out. What is the exact name of these add on files or where can I download them? I have added new jetliner sound packs before, such as a pack containing new engine sounds, etc. Would it be similar to install in nature? Would I have to get this for every jet I want to use it on?? Thank you.

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The things your are talking about are GPWS callouts. Some panels come equiped with them. If you got to avsim, type in GPWS in the search section, and you'll see a few add-ons that are equiped with GPWS, however, I don't know if there is an individual GPWS add-on, which you can add on to any aircraft you want - Maybe someone else can help you a little more.

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