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Cant Connect to Multyplayer Games with FS2004 on the Zone/IP

SnakeBite Guest

Ive Tryed Everytthing.
Ive Disabled Firewalls and other Programs
Ive opened Ports which i shouldnt need to if the Firewall is off.

Ive Disconnected my Local Area Network so that Does not Interfear

Ive installed the Latest Versions of Windows XP SP2 and the FS2004 Patch
ive also installed things like Netframe etc

Still no joy..

basically when i join on the Zone and the Host Presses Run/play etc all i get for ever is Connecting to Multyplayr Loby

If i try Via IP
i put the IP in and my name etc
and nout SHows up in the Left hand Box

Now 2002/2000 Works Fine..
Wat did Microsoft change in 2004???

Pro Member Trainee
optaskasw Trainee

Have you found the answer yet? I just got Fs 2004 and can't use Multiplayer
Whats going on?

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