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Before I begin, I would like to apolgize, as this post is in now way related to aviation. Anyways, the speakers I have connected to the computer are weak, and cannot produce any bass. This affects the experience I get out of doing different things, eg. listening to music - I do, however, have a set of Bass-Reflex speakers, but their wires are the type that connect to stereo systems. They don't have the correct tips to connect to the computer. Is there any product out there, that will allow me to utilize these speakers. As of now, they are just packed away, and I want to make good use of them. Any suggestions would be very welcome

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In order to use your Bass-reflex speakers you will need an amplifier that you must have connected to your pc speakers audio output with stereo jack which will end to two RCA jacks, and plugged in an output of your amplifier(preferable AUX output.)Fot this solution you must use a specific cable(Two RCAs to Stereo Jack) which can find it in a local sound store.

Although this solution needs space and you are getting useles this amplifier for more apllications.Except if you can place your Hi-Fi system somewhere close to your pc.

The better solution for me is to buy a new set of pc speakers that will include a Sub-Woofer which is same time an amplifier and the results you will get will be perfect.They are not so expensive(Here in Greece the cost for a good set is about 100-150$)

I have something like that in my pc and im very very satisfied from its performance and its incredible bass.

Let us know more. 😉

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Thanks for your reply Greekman - I'm going to have to wait if the best solution is buying. Hehe, I have to try and get a better VGA card first. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for your help. 😂

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