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I am planning to buy a computer and video card specifically to run FS2004. I don't want to spend too much cash, but want to be able to run the program on FULL graphics at high res. Any reccomendations for the minimum system specs I would need, specifically processor speed, memory and the optimal video card?

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First off if you build it yourself you'll have the best for ½ the company (Dell, Gateway, Alien) price.

You want the best of both worlds, we all do. If your spending is limited then you would get one type of setup, if you want the best, that costs money.
If you want it to be able to run the next version of the sim you have to plan ahead and spend wisely.

Get the fastest CPU you can afford, a 64 bit (it won't do you any good now but later it will)
A minimum of 2 gigs memory (preferably 3 gigs) so they will be the same brand same batch.
Get an SLI mother-board and use one top of the line card now and get the other when the next sim comes out.
Or go the cheaper way and get a board that uses a PCI Express card like the ATI ones listed.

How much are you willing to spend and would you build one.

My opinion, others will be different, let us know what you decide.



I bought HP Compaq Sr1123, had 256 ram but I put a gig more in other slot= 1256 ram. 80 gig hard drive, 2.66 mhz. works ok but has a integrated Graphics card that does ok I guess cause I am A newbie at this Flying!!! Would like to know what Video card would make a big difference!!! Would pay 200 for one if I thought it would make much difference. Also I still fly in low resolution, what is best for this pC . Did not have idea about ms Flight sim 2004 when I paid 600 bucks for this thing but had other HW that I needed ... thanks for any tips !!! So far good Pc for price at WalMart.

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As about guest1234 im close to RadarMans suggestion.

guest.Im using an ALBATRON nVidia GeForce FX 6800 ULTRA - 256MB .I know that its a litle expensive card but i could suggest some other models which are close to your budget,like:

ALBATRON nVidia GeForce FX6600 Q 256MB

ASUS nVidia GeForce FX6600GT - 128MB

ASUS nVidia GeForce FX6800LE - 128MB

you can check them here:

Yes..i know im an nVidia fun.... 😉 But you can also check:



you can check them here:

Let us know your thoughts dear guests... 😉


Thanks so much .. I will check them out next !!! I am having a bad problem trying to spend $5 ... I want the membership but all my credit cards are tied with PP I guess. I have been a member for almost 5 years and they have an old email addy on my record and want let this simple transaction take place. I have been at it for two days now. I need an address from you or a direct link maybe to pay, I'll try anything Thanks
About my PC, it is my second and bought it with many upgrades in mine. I know $200 is a small price for a good Graphics card and I will pay more if need be. Thanks for the LIST !!!!! Made my Day !!!!

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Disregard the last post, think I have the membership now ... now on to the Graphic cards !!!!!

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