Best Yokes and Pedals?


Hi, i was looking for pedals and a yoke for fs 2004, i found the ones Ch products have and look nice, could someone please tell me which are the best to buy at a reasonable price? What do you guys have?


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WarHawk42 Captain

CH is my choice but I'm sure you can find them cheaper if price is your prime concern.

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Micah Captain

i use CH and they are brilliant, so go for them if you possibly can, especially the Yoke.

Micah 😉

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Check the net for good prices, Amazon usually has some of the best prices.



Thanks!! I i will go for the CH yoke and pedals...

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You can see all 3 CH units in the pic below 😀


That pic makes me want them even more! 😂

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