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A virtual accident report

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Synopsis: A Flight Simulator Boeing 737-300 crashed Saturday at 17:04 at Salt Lake City, killing all 127 sim persons on board.

The SkyWest 737-300 left Oakland Metro International KOAK at 14:45 filed for a direct GPS flight to Salt Lake City KSLC, with a projected arrival time of 16:08. Air Traffic control reports normal communication until the transfer to Oakland Center, at which time communications ceased. The final communication received from the SkyWest flight was, "Oakland Center on 134.100, roger, SkyWest 4176".

The aircraft was loaded with 17,000 lbs of fuel, 44% of capacity, enough for 2h19m of flight.

The flight arrived over Salt Lake International at FL34 at 15:58 and traveling 472 knots. The aircraft then performed a continuous twenty degree bank to the left. Salt Lake Center reports the aircraft completed 11 circuits of the airport at FL 34 over the next 62 minutes. At precisely 17:00, the aircraft slowed to less than 100 knots and went nose high as it quickly descended.

At 17:04, Impact was recorded 1300 feet West of the KSLC perimeter fence with a forward speed of 65 knots, and a vertical velocity of -5,826 ft/sec. The crash site was contained to less than one mile, the aircraft was completely destroyed and 119 passengers and 8 crew members were killed.

The aircraft had eight hours since new and had no known discrepencies. The pilot, Canyon Shearer, had 72 hours total, 55 in airlines, and was the sole pilot of this aircraft.

The pilot worked an eight hour day prior to the flight, and is suspected to have been very tired, making one aborted take-off at KOAK when a flight attentendant noticed that the foward entry door was not properly secured.

Initial speculation suggests that the pilot was asleep during the events, resulting in the accident.

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Uh oh man...No time for napping! I take it you watched the replay of it to see what happened after you fell asleep?

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

That's why I stick to cargo. Don't hear the crates screaming! 🙄

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Canyon (NoWorries) First Officer

I have been flying with this virtual passengers dealy, so it froze the game at that point and didn't let the flight reset, so I was able to see the replay and flight analysis.

The second I woke up, I knew it had to be bad, I went straight to the joystick, but it was way too late, I don't know how long though! I wonder what the flight attendant was saying as it was happening, she says some pretty funny stuff, so does the co-pilot, he screams like a little girl sometimes!

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