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Once Again........HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Been going nuts trying to get some planes downloaded...I have added a file(add on planes)into Microsoft Games under *Mt Puter*

Have dragged the download into this folder ,having both windows open,

However,,there is no minus or plus next to it like all the other folders have...

If I try to redrag to this folder,,it tells me there is already a folder occupied there....

So...... How do I enable this????? Am running XP....And have no idea how to unzip.......Wondering if this is the problem?????

Any help for this puter dummy would be greately appreciated.......

Have a great day folks.....see Ya.....Mason

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You need Winzip to unzip the folders.
You can get the trial one at WinZip , it's the best you can use and the trial will last for years.

I think I know what you are asking but I try answering two ways.
One, If you cannot find your downloads to "unzip" them, send them to "My Computer", "My Briefcase" or even to "Desktop".
You can enter them from any of those areas.
I download to a folder that I have in "my Briefcase" it's just handy for me that way.
I do it a more complicated way,but it works.
Make certain you have a plane not just textures.

Unzip the file and now it's in it's own little window, you work from there. Dump the jpgs.


dblc on "my computer"
dblc on the "C" drive icon.
dblc on "program files"
dblc on "Microsoft Games".
dblc on "Flight Simulator.

Now you have all the folders laid out in front of you.
Follow the directions in the read-me that came with the aircraft.
Put the gauges in the gauge folder.
Put the effects in the effects folder.
Put the aircraft in the aircraft folder, make certain it has the correct name of the plane.

Now go crash land like I do.

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Mason Gilliam (harleyman) First Officer

Yea RadarMan....Again thanks for your help....I n got the Addy and will go there now....Will let you know how it works out.......Thanks....

Doesn't XP have an unzip thing???????

See Ya bud......Mason

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Yes, XP has an automatic ZIP "unzipper" built into its core. This was also availible in Windows ME, but was optional when you installed. I belive its automatically included with XP. I still recommend WinZip, as this will give more functionality over your ZIP file; but XP can be handy to get it unzipped as quick as possible.

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Mason Gilliam (harleyman) First Officer

Thanks Flyaway and RadarMan.......

That utility is awsome......And easy as hell to use......

And yes XP does have one,,I found it and I'm not smart enough to use

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So, you managed to get it all working ok now?

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