help~the game crashes very oftenly

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they game crashes like crazy, everytime after i end a flight

sometimes even during flight

crashes when trying to multiplay

crashes oftenly when opening lessons

crashes oftenly when opening game



but if i have good luck, i can actually play the game normally sometimes

my comp iz

pentium 4 3.4GHZ HT extreme edition
nvidia gforce 6 6800 GT
1300MB ram

version 9.1

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If it is a legal version, you can get help from MS. But, since you previously stated you downloaded FS, it probably isn't, so you can't. Rules

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chou10030529 Trainee

they dont sell fs where i live

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

In that case, you have two options since the source from which you got it provided a broken version.

1) If it is lawful to import, consider buying it from a vendor outside your area.

2) Find another source to download it from, but scan it for viruses, spyware, etc.

I do not recommend the second option, but since my permission is not required, do as you see fit.

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

If im not tactless ,where do you live?

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chou10030529 Trainee

taiwan taipei

people here dont play diz kinda games

they play rpg's

u no a dude walking around killing monsters and gaing level??

so ya and if i really have to buy it

i might need to travel in car for about 1 hr to get to the computer square and buy it

pretty far+_+ for taiwan

30min travel dis iz far for taiwain since its prob smaller than new york

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RadarMan Chief Captain

On the left side of this page click on "Contact Details", they ship internationally. (It's a pop up).

It also sounds as if your overheating, add a case fan in the upper rear grid to take hot air out.


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