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A very interesting flight

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I just flew an interesting flight. If anyone wants to try it, here it is.

Banff (CYBA) to Seattle (KBFI). You will need a GA aircraft with a service ceiling of at least 17,000 ft, that can take off from a short strip and do a decent climb. I used the FeelThere Cessna Caravan, but the default Super Caravan or Mooney should suffice. I think it is beyond the capabilities of the Cessna 172.

The first challenge is the take off. Those pine trees at the end of the grass strip are taller than they look. The second challenge is to get out of that valley. You will be rewarded with great scenery along the way.

If you use real life weather, the trip is not going to be 100% VFR. Use multiple waypoints rather than straight GPS. That route through the mountains is a bit more sane.

I found most of the clouds topped off at 18,000 ft. Flying over them instead of through them was a bit smoother.

If anyone tries it, let me know what you think.

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Are the grand caravans pressurized? Because a Cessna 172 at 18000 feet... *choke*

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

Yep, I should have noted the air would be a bit thin for the pilot of a 172. Embarassed

Specs for the Grand Caravan:

Certified Ceiling ft/m 25,000/7,620

Cruise Speed (10,000 ft)
knts/km 184/341

Range (10,000 ft) nm/km
Includes takeoff, climb, cruise, descent, and 45 min. reserve at max. cruise power 907/1,679

S.L. Rate of Climb fpm/mpm 975/297

Stall Speed (Ldg) knts/km 61/113

Takeoff S.L. ISA
GroundRoll ft/m 1,365/416
50-ft Obs. ft/m 2,420/738

Landing S.L.
Ground Roll ft/m 950/290
50-ft. Obs. ft/m 1,795/547

Maximum Useful Load lbs/kg 4,500/2,041

Maximum Weights lbs/kg
Ramp 8,785/3,985

Power Loading lbs/hp 13.0

Standard Empty Weight lbs/kg 4,285/1,944

Wing Loading lbs/sq ft 31.3

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I just finished the Banff (CYBA) to Seattle (KBFI) flight. It was a good flight and uneventful. I flew the route IFR via VOR. I used real world weather. I decided to use the twin prop Aero 680 Super which allowed me to easily climb above the trees at runway's end, and up and out of the valley.

I decided to fly at FL20. As for the weather, the clouds were scatters and at or below 14000 feet. I mostly found calm winds, except the later part of the flight I picked up a good tail wind. That saved me a bit of go juice. Flying over Kootenay Lake in British Columbia I saw the first indication of ground fog. This fog remained in the lower areas almost until I reached Seattle.

Around 175 nm from Seattle I first noticed Glacier Peak. It was snow covered and stood out from the surrounding terrain. A nice sight.

I pulled up to the gate at Seattle's Boeing Field at 8:14 A.M (local time) a little over two hours after departing Branff.

Crash, thanks for the flight details. I enjoyed it. 😀

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

Glad you enjoyed it. I found an interesting thing about real world weather. If you change the time of your flight as I did so that I could see the scenery although real time was night here, the weather stays at real time, so I had considerably more clouds and fog. While I started VFR, I filed an IFR enroute because there were times I could see nothing for ten to fifteen minutes.

My Caravan with one notch of flaps cleared the trees. As soon as it did, I raised the flaps to gain some air speed. I then did an odd manuever. Even though my course was to port, I did a tight turn to starboard, clearing the cliff there and giving myself a bit more room to gain altitude out of that valley.

I think I'm going to try Alaska next.

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

I forgot to mention that after starting my descent toward Seattle, visability below the clouds started clearing, which I did not expect.

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michlin First Officer

No! Didn't have the overcast that you did.

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Canyon (NoWorries) First Officer

Cool Flight! I had to take off twice, the first time I took off, I kinda hit that bridge! I have this thing that if I see a bridge, I have to fly under it...I made it under the first bridge, but the second bridge surprised the heck out of me and I nailed a pillar!

Anyways, I flew by the compass for the first fifteen minutes, having some fun through the valleys, then I took her up to 18,000 feet and kicked in the autopilot of the MSFS Grand Caravan.

I had BAD turbulence the entire flight, I was sick three times and had to open the door in flight to keep the plane clean.

I couldn't get her over 142 trying to get some more speed out of it, I killed the engine and had a nice glide to about 14,500 feet before I successfully completely the restart.

Very beautiful flight over the Canadian rockies.

I held up at least five commercial flights at KSEA because I didn't read the airport you wanted me to fly too...I just assumed KSEA because it's a fun airport to fly into. Two 737's and an MD-80 were sitting on the taxiway waiting for me, and two planes, I don't know what kind, had to go around because my approach was so slow!

Thanks for posting!

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

Gee, I think you had more fun than I did. 😉

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