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Sorry guys, in a rush for school. Just wanted to ask why my pictures don't appear? I only get little boxes with "X" in them. Please help, as there are some interesting pictures I'd like to see.

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Maybe the server you 've upload them has been down.
Which site are you using to upload your pics?

Photobucket is working properly.You have just to create an account there(watch out,do not click the private box in order to share these pics with all of us 😉 ).

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What browser are you using and where are these pictures. Were you able to see them before.


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Actually, I'm not uploading any pictures. I just came across one post and I couldn't see any pictures. It was here, on Flyaway. I'm using Internet Explorer. Here is the link for the post.

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Oooopppsss Embarassed Sorry i misunderstood.

In this topic i see problem to the testpilots pics,i cant see them too.Maybe he deleted them or his server has been down.Do you have problems to others pics in this topic?(RadarMans,Chris2002,Michlin)

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