quite a shock for me

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I havnt been up to date with the latest news and I spotted this in some other forums

Have you all heard about this?

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It's been in the news and other forums. I am reading today that Delta will file today.

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Interseting post Ranald -- Thanks for that. However, I have a question. I don't have any knowledge in the business field, (give me a couple of years till college, and I should be better off), however, I noticed that Northwest was due to pay a $65 billion dollar pension payment within on Thursday. Why don't they just file for bankruptcy and miss the payment? What are the negative effects? Why would it hurt there industry. I knew before that Delta was having finance issues, but Norhtwest...well, I never thought of it.

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Im not reffering to this specific and interesting post but i would like to add that sometimes bunkruptcy is a method which big companies use in order some guys of keep their riches which have make by
bleeding their companies.

Its a very general and casual approach to the point and there many many ramifications to analyze ....but it happens.

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