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Ok guys, this is he can't know...I stole his coffee mug!

Michlin, if you read that, skip down farther, cause the part you need to read is farther down, disregard the coffee mug, and DONT LOOK FOR IT!

I saw a screenshot of yours with that Super 27 at st. Maarten, where did you grab that at? And the fun trucks and ramps and such, were those with the 27 or is that an airport addon?

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michlin First Officer

I got the package, freeware btw, at

I have had this particular 727 for about a week when I decided to see if "wingfold" and "tailhook" offered anything extra, because I didn't recall reading if there were extras associated with these assignments.

I hit my "wingfold" keys and to my surprise all those vehilces drive up to the a/c. 😳 😎 😎 😎

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michlin First Officer

I am using Ken Mitchell's very good (IMHO) panel.

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are there any other planes like that, like a 737 or sumthing?

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