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I am having problems with this download. I am getting no guages showing in my panel.

It is a great download but would be even better with som guages.

Have tried installing it many times with no luck.

Hope somone can help.


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Hi Deck!

the plane you downloaded... Is it compatible with fs2004?
When you downloaded it... Was there a special guages folder?

Could you give me the link of the download? I'll try to install it...

Kind regards

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Sorry having problem with the link.
The plane is from the 2004 page on the site Page 4
Have had no problems with the other planes, just this one.
When I try to put the guages folder into my FS 2004 guages folder it tells me that it will delete all others when this one is placed in it.

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Weird, it's supposed to have a f-15 panel....Have you tried reinstallig the aircraft. That once worked for me....

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Yes have tried that with no luck.

Even tried putting the main plane folder in, also put the secondry plane folder in, the one with the sub folders ie panel, sound etc

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A folder with gauges came with the download. Take the contents of that folder and put them into your main gauge folder. No to "overwrite".


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