So tell me about about your favorite free-ish Commercial Jet

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I have downloaded so many different planes now. Some of them are really well done and complete and some of them are incomplete crap.

I am interested in finding a "largish" commercial jet that is/has:

1. Complete with all the bells and whistles. (looks good day or night with realistic lighting) The livery isnt so important as I will be changing it (unless it looks really cool as is)
2. A complete and well done virtual cockpit that will look good in the movies I make.
3. Realistic flight dynamics.
4. Great sound.
5. Original and complete and working panel pop up instruments (throttle quadrant ect) not FS9 cut-and-pastes
6. Free (or just a few bucks, less than $10.00 US or so) but free is better 😀

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Go to the avsim library and type "The 737 Experience" in your search. Download all the v1.1 stuff.

It's not too large (it's a 737-700) but it has all the other stuff you wanted (bells and whistles, VC, flight dynamics etc).

As close to payware as free stuff gets

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Steve (megafoot) First Officer

Thanks for the info! i am truly impressed.

737's are turly a pilot's plane.

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I agree. It is a very well done plane. As soon as I figure out how to repaint it, I am adding it to my fictional airline.

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