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I have the BAe-146-200 and 300. and like the way they fly. The standard panel, while very functional is unrealistic since most of the 2D cockpit is missing. So I installed the panel from the BAe Panel Project.

A magnificent panel. The most complete I have seen that is freeware. The installation instructions are good...but the instructions for use are not so good.

Since it starts cold and dark, I've been trying to get the startup right. I've managed to get some power up in the plane and one engine started.

Is there part of the documentation on this I haven't found? Can some on point me to it?


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first off ROFL excellent signature!

Where abouts is this panel? I'll see about grabbing hold of it and trying to figure it out for you...I should have time today, Sunday's a good blah day for me after mass...Although Peter Benchley's Creature is on! So i guess there goes 3 hours. 🙄

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It occurs to me that the trick to using this panel is to power up and then swithch to each engine and do a Ctrl=E. When I get done with a a few other tasks, I am going to try it. The panel is a work of art.

Glad you like the sig. It leaves folks guessing as to its meaning. 😂

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Great panel! I've been looking for one for the Queen's Flight.

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I've been rummaging around it. I can now get all four engines up and running. From the overhead panel. power has to be on (bat/gen) and the fuel pump power has to be on, Then one must go to the pedestal and move the throttles forward of the fuel cutoff position. Ctrl-E then seems to start them in sequence one thru four. Turn on enough switches on the overhead and most of the avionics come alive, but I am still having a problem with the autopilot. The GPWS system works. If works so well, I am looking for where to turn it off. 😉

If there is any problem with the panel, it is remembering where things are.

I'll refrain from using this plane in FSPassengers untill I've really gotten familiar with it. Otherwise, it will kill off all my pilots. 😳

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