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Having trouble with FS4. Picture breaks up and scenery becomes triangles & diamonds. Cockpit picture breaks up and even the aircraft profile picture dissappears. This happens every flight at random times.

Have had a new Nvidia fitted and the disk cleaned.

Running AMD Athlon XP1700 1466Mhz 256 RAM Nvidia GeForce MX440 with AGP8X 1024 x 768.

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Idea The first thing to look at, are the drivers for your video card new and if so are they corrupted.
I would delete them and load the latest and see if that works.
Let us know how it works out. Yes


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Remember the drivers supplied with the card are probably out of date (by the time the card was made and shipped out)
Nvidia released new drivers in Dec 2003

here's the link

Make sure you pick the correct windows version

Good luck

gbatv Guest

The drivers for my NVIDIA GeForce4 MX440 with AGP8X is
nv4_mnin.sys dated 11 Feb 2004.

Is this good enough and do I still need a download. If so which one?

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Embarassed I had better check my drivers!
D/load the lastest driver for the card and save to a folder (make a folder called drivers)Then uninstall the old drivers via the control panel/add/remove programs.Windows will then restart your system and install its own drivers(you can let it or direct it to your new drivers folder)
If you let it install its own drivers, just open the new drivers by double clicking it. Windows will again restart the system and the new upto date drivers will be installed.

Fire up Fs9 and check it out.

hope it helps

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