How will fs2004 work on my comp? VERY much appreciated

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I have a dell inspiron 1100 laptop that I bought last july, 2003. It is a 2.2ghz p4, with some generic graphics card, I believe. I don't know how to see whether my g-card can play the game, so I'll rely on your comments before I go out and buy it. Do you think I can play it? Thanks for any help, I really want to play the game!..

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Oh, and I have 256mb of ram, if that matters..

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Umm... With 256mb ram your just in the ballpark. Will it run with your cpu of 2.2 defiantly yes. Will it run with your video card, most likely, perhaps not to your overwhelming satisfaction but it should run well enough to enjoy the Sim with less FPS (frames-per-second) which may result in stuttering flying if you have the scenery graphics turned up high.
In the long run I would get it.
Good luck and let us know how you enjoy it. 👍


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I have some experience working/upgrading with the dell machines.

It is unlikely that the "generic card" will be up to the task. These laptops are not designed as top-rate gamers, and you will need more graphics throughput to enjoy fs9.

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I would not try sim 2004. Just try for beginning to get a sim 2000 from some friend .Sim 2000 is much lower demanding in memory and if you can get it without investment so it is OK

Just remember!!! In case of successes it is just appetizer

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I would recommend getting more memory for your setup. 512Meg is ideal. You have plenty of speed. F2004 should be ran with a higher end video card though, if you wish to see details without any shuttering.


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